Land O’Lakes builds connections for U of M alumni

Friday, January 31, 2020 - 3:30pm

With nearly 160 alumni in the chapter, the University of Minnesota Alumni Association at Land O’Lakes continues to thrive. From networking events to mentorship opportunities, Gopher of the Month features to a shared communication channel, Land O’Lakes connects U of M alumni across disciplines, teams, and businesses.

Below, Gopher alumni share some of the many reasons they’re passionate about working at Land O’Lakes.

Stefanie Havemeir, operations quality specialist, graduate of the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences: [I enjoy] coming to work and sitting next to someone who may represent a business completely different from my own—dairy foods, animal nutrition, WinField United, or SUSTAIN—and realizing what similarities we may have as well as what we can all learn from each other. We all represent Land O’Lakes, but our diverse backgrounds are what fuel learning, inspire intrigue, and make us successful.

Brenda Jacob, labeling and registration manager, graduate of the School of Public Health: The best part of working at Land O’Lakes is having unique visibility of the “farm to fork” supply chain. I work with dairy foods, animal feed, and agricultural products and it’s fun to truly connect the dots and understand how these businesses work together.

Shary Kempainen, talent development specialist, graduate of the College of Liberal Arts: I love working for a farmer-owned cooperative. Farmers take a long-view approach, which is so different from the make-a-quick-buck-now and who cares about tomorrow approach by many companies. And we like to take risks—also different from a lot of companies. 

Monica Scott, dairy foods customer service analyst, graduate of the College of Liberal Arts: For me, the best part of working at Land O’Lakes is working somewhere that takes pride in being a successful company for the owners, a challenging and rewarding place for the employees, a good business partner for our customers, and a good steward for the community.


Thank you, Land O’Lakes, for supporting Gopher alumni!