Land O’Lakes leads breakout session at sixth annual Gopher Athletics Pro Day

Monday, November 11, 2019 - 1:00pm

On October 21, 2019, Gopher Athletics held its sixth annual Pro Day. A career fair and networking event for student-athletes, Pro Day connected 70 participating organizations with nearly 600 Gopher student-athletes. In addition to hosting a booth at the career fair, Land O’Lakes also held a breakout session led by Brandon Lingen, a Land O’Lakes employee and former Gopher Football tight end. 

During the breakout session, Lingen offered guidance and words of advice to the 173 first-year student-athletes attending Pro Day for the first time. Lingen spoke about his own time as a Gopher student-athlete and his experience at Land O’Lakes, and provided tips for connecting with organizations and getting the most out of the event.

On his first connection to Land O’Lakes: The first touch point I had with Land O’Lakes was at a career fair. I did a little research on the companies that were going to be there and Land O’Lakes stood out to me. So I looked up their business, really liked what I saw, and ended up approaching them at the career fair. Through that, I gave them my résumé, got an interview, and was lucky enough to get an internship and then a full-time offer.

On what drew him to his current role: I was able to really apply skills I had learned at the U: being able to work in teams, to talk to people, to ask questions if you don’t know the answer. Land O’Lakes has a very collaborative team environment. Even as an intern, I never met a single person who wasn’t willing to sit down and talk with me and answer my questions.  

Advice to first-year students: I would say it’s never too early to start. When we first came here our freshman year, we started to learn how to write résumés. At the time, it felt kind of silly because there was nothing that we could really put down yet. But it’s just building that foundation, so that when you do start having things to put down, you understand how to write the résumé, how to construct a cover letter, how to leverage your athletic experience and all the soft skills it provides.