Six years later, LeaderShape continues to empower tomorrow’s leaders

Friday, January 31, 2020 - 3:30pm

Through LeaderShape, Land O’Lakes invests in a new generation of student leaders, providing transformational leadership and community-building programs.

The history of LeaderShape: The year 2014 was the start of an extraordinary new chapter in the decades-long Land O’Lakes-University of Minnesota partnership: a $25 million, ten-year investment in U of M people and programs that help Land O’Lakes meet business needs and develop new talent, including programs like LeaderShape.

Thanks to sponsorship from Land O’Lakes, U of M students from the College of Science and Engineering, Carlson School of Management, and the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences have the opportunity to attend a six-day leadership institute, gaining skills in goal setting, teamwork, and diversity.

By the numbers:

  • $125,000, five-year sponsorship from Land O’Lakes, beginning 2015
  • 6 days of learning and self-discovery in a collaborative learning environment
  • $75: student cost for food, lodging, and activities, thanks to Land O’Lakes support
  • 350+ students who have benefitted from LeaderShape programming, gaining leadership skills and transforming their visions for the future within a supportive learning community

A Land O’Lakes investment in the U of M talent pipeline: In January 2020, 41 U of M students were selected to participate in the final LeaderShape development program. Once again, the program was well-received with participants providing feedback such as:

“I am so excited to continue to use the skills I gained at Leadershape in the new semester. I find myself thinking about my vision and who I want to be in the future as the thing to ground my days.”

"After attending the institute, I've realized I have learned so much about leadership in general, but also so much about myself. During the program, I was able to identify and name core values, which helped me to determine what kind of person I am striving to be, what characteristics I want in relationships, and how I want others to describe how I live and lead." 

“I’ve never seen myself as much of a leader. I’ve always had the ideas, the plans, the steps, but never the words to get them places. I have a very reserved personality that doesn’t allow me to dominate a discussion. However, through this personal development experience I have come to accept my perceived inabilities as contributions I can bring to the table. I’ve come to accept that leaders do not need to dominate discussions. That every word that is written for a plan does not need to be mine; only that the values do and that the vision is shared.”


Thank you, Land O’Lakes, for your generous investment in the leaders of tomorrow!

Photos courtesy of the Carlson School of Management