Successful recruiting year wraps up: 2015-16 summary

Friday, July 22, 2016 - 8:45am

The Land O’Lakes recruiting team wrapped up a successful 2015-16 year, interacting with more than 15,700 U of M students and hosting 60 events ranging from large-scale gatherings like Welcome Week and career fairs, as well as smaller, more focused interactions like site visits, student competitions, and resume workshops. In each case, U of M students had the opportunity to learn more about Land O’Lakes and its growing work force. This summer, Land O'Lakes welcomed 9 new hires and 52 interns from the U of M, the second-highest number of new hires and most interns of any university.


Highlights: Fall 2015-Winter 2016





Ambassador Program

top students as recruiters
CSOM 50 attendees

Career Fair: University-wide

largest career fair in MN
all UM Campuses 2,500+ UM students and recent graduates

Career Week

career search, interview prep
CSOM 400 attendees

Elite 8 Case Competition

brand challenge team competition
CSOM 40 M.B.A. students


student leadership institute
CSOM/CSE/CFANS 62 students

Pro Day

student-athlete career fair
ICA nearly 650 students

Supply Chain EXPO

mini-career fair
CSOM 40 students

Welcome Week

incoming freshmen
Twin Cities Campus 5,700+ incoming freshmen


Highlights: Spring-Summer 2016





Business Week Breakfast

CSOM and business community
CSOM 250 students

Business Week Dinner

concludes week long celebration>
CSOM 250 students

Career Fair - Spring

CSE 2,000 students

Career Fair - Spring

CSOM 570 students

CSOM - IT class presentation

topic: importance of technology in ag
CSOM 150 students

Supply Chain & Operations Club site visit

tour of Land O'Lakes HQ
CSOM 14 students

61 U of M grads/students to Land O'Lakes

CSE, CSOM, CFANS, others 9 new hires, 52 interns

Source: Land O'Lakes College Relations and the University of Minnesota